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Where I’ve Been- In the County Jail for Holding My Anger Management Coach Hostage! August 12, 2009

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You may be wondering where I’ve been. Or maybe you don’t care.


Either way you, good reader, are in for quite a story!


Just read the title. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.


Here’s how it all began…..

<cue fuzzy nostalgia vision and tinkly music that comes with every flashback> 

It started with minor disagreement over my alleged ‘drunken escapades’ by my self-righteous, yet curiously voeyueristic neighbor.


Now, I’ll admit I may have mown down her cutesy little mailbox with the bluebirds on it.


I may also have thrown my half empty bottle of Jim Beam through her front window in a rage because her stupid mailbox got in the path of my truck.


Things were pretty fuzzy- like they are on most nights for me. That’s not important though.


The end result of that wild, drunken night involving my neighbor’s mailbox was a sentence of 1500 hours of Community Service, 6 months of Anger Management and the payment of various fines and damages to the city and my neighbor.


I paid the fines, no problem.


Community service got off to a bad start when a bum at the homeless shelter I was volunteering at vomited on my Feragammo boots soon after he ate the soup I prepared.


Things got better though when those in charge of the shelter let me answer phones instead of cooking and mingling with the clientele.


 Anger Management was a bit rockier. My assigned counselor, Maddy, was an unpleasent woman in her late 50s. It was hate at first sight, but I could’ve stuck it out if she hadn’t been habitually late to our sessions.


Now, I’m not a punctual person. I’ve kept many people waiting and I won’t appologize for it. The difference between me and everyone else is this: my time is vastly more important than anyone else’s!!!!!!


After she stood me up for one of our sessions, I decided I’d had enough. So I went to Maddy’s office and I held her and her receptionist hostage with a very sharp letter opener I found on the assistant’s desk.


After a 3 hour long stand-off, complete with the police, news reporters, helicopters and tear gas, I surrendered the letter opener and allowed the authorities to take me to the county jail peacebly.


And that’s where I’ve been this entire time. Honset!


9 Responses to “Where I’ve Been- In the County Jail for Holding My Anger Management Coach Hostage!”

  1. jesusbudda Says:

    QUOTE MADAME BITTERS: “And that’s where I’ve been this entire time. Honset!”

    – “Honset”?????

    How do you expect anyone to trust somebody who spells “honest” wrong??!!!!!

    Liar, pants on fire!

  2. eksith Says:

    Madamebitters has a temper?

    You’re kidding!

  3. To JB: I may be wearing hot pants, but they definately NOT on fire!

    You know, when I was reading thru this post, something about it looked wrong to me. That’s what it was.

    You caught my typo, JB. Or should I call you MW?????

    eskith: Yeah, I do have a bit of a temper, but only when I’m drunk. Or concious.

    But at least I don’t turn green like David Banner when I get mad.

    That only happens when I ride the Tilt-A-Whirl at the carnival!

  4. womaninblack Says:

    I thought you were on holiday. How wrong can one womaninblack be?
    Hope you didn’t drop the soap in the shower.

    • good to see you, woman in black! I’m pleased you didn’t forget me.

      No, I wasn’t on holiday. I was an unwilling guest in the Houston County Jail.

      If anyone is ever in Houston, or the Houston area, I do not reccomend staying in Houston lockup. The accomoations are horrible and the service (excluding the random interrogation) are non-existant.

      I give the city of Houston’s jail 3 out of 10 stars.

  5. alantru Says:

    Holy shit!

    I was in jail too.

    Only it was the prison of my mind.

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