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Ugly Sounding Words June 2, 2009

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Have you ever noticed how some words just sound….icky?

I’m talking about the English language, not any of those other ones.

I don’t speak any other languages, so they don’t bear mentioning.

If I were running things (and don’t think I haven’t thought about it) humanity would communicate by grunts, elaborate gestures and crude drawings.

 Oh,and just so we don’t revert back to our caveman origins square dancing and line dancing would also be acceptable ways of communicating.

Seems I’ve wondered a tad off topic. No matter; here’s the list of ugly sounding words. At least they sound ugly to me, and that’s all that really counts, isn’t it?

Good to know we’re on the same page.


  • jocular
  • palpitate
  • kumquat
  • jukebox
  • cackle
  • sarcophagus
  • fructify
  • gargoyle
  • linguistics
  • spandex

Well, there you have it. A list of what, in my opinion, are a few of the ugliest words in the English language.

Do you agree?

Do you disagree?

 Do you know what the words mean?

Do you care?

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17 Responses to “Ugly Sounding Words”

  1. jesusbudda Says:

    I like all those words.
    They are lovely!

    Whats wrong with cackle?

    I love it.
    It’s totally onomatopoeic!

  2. Why do you have to be contrary, JB?

    You know that ‘fructify’ and ‘kumquat’ and the other words on my list are NOT lovely words!

    You know it, I know it, and dozen or so people who read this The Starving Bulls**t Artist are gonna know it- when they get around to reading this post.

  3. eksith Says:

    I’ve had a particularly strong aversion to “juxtaposition“. Not when it’s written; Only when someone says it out loud.

    Something about the sound makes me think of kinky librarians. Very inappropriate thoughts. Which is even more disturbing considering the word was being said by a middle aged, male, programmer during a teleconference today.

    I get the feeling I’ve been terribly repressed most of my life. 😦

    • “Something about the sound makes me think of kinky librarians. Very inappropriate thoughts”

      — But very, very funny! Kinky librarians! Hahahahaha

      “I get the feeling I’ve been terribly repressed most of my life.’

      — Yeah, I get the feeling you’ve been repressed too.

  4. alantru Says:

    A jocular gargoyle stood by the jukebox dressed in kumquat colored spandex. Palpitating and cackling like a fructifying sarcophagus, he dreamed of linguistics.

    You’re right. They sound awful. Give me “murmur” any day. 😉

    • Your little story made chills go up my spine.

      Using all the words I think are hideous AND taunting me about birds has convinced me beyond all reasonable doubt that you’re an sadistic jerkwad.

      I knew I liked you for a reason!

  5. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    I have an opinion on each word

    jocular – humor for frat boys. An offensive concept and ugly sounding word.

    palpitate – was he the emperor in star wars? An distasteful old man and an unneccessary word.

    kumquat – I like it. Any word that starts with the letter K is funny.

    jukebox – reminds me of McCarthyism but I have no strong feelings one way of the other,

    cackle – Is he one of the rice krispie boys? I don’t care for the cereal or animated elves.

    sarcophagus – a great word. sounds good and looks good too.

    fructify – a clumsy word that is difficult to sound out.

    gargoyle – yes

    linguistics – no

    spandex – only in the fall

    I trust this helps.


    • “I trust this helps.”

      — More than you know, my jailbird friend.

      You know who I’ll bet wears spandex everyday, no matter what season it is? No?


  6. For me it’s soiled. Can’t stand the word, especially when it’s being used. “These pants are so cheap!” “That’s because they’re soiled.” The horror!

  7. womaninblack Says:

    Hippopotomonstrosequippeddaliophobia is a horrible word. It means ‘fear of long words’. Not horrible ones, long ones. Which is kind of ironic, for obvious reasons.

  8. Don’t ask me why, but the words ‘premium’ and ‘clownpenis’ freak me out.

  9. alantru Says:

    I’m here to nag for a new post.

    Please don’t beat me up.

  10. Where have you got too?

    Are you still a lesbian?

    The divorce papers still need signing dear.

    I’ve got a new website now, just like you.

    • I have a restraining order out against you, shnookums.

      Have your lawyer contact mine if you have any questions.

      PS: you know I’m not a lesbian– I only did that because it was your birthday!

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