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Heeeeeeere’s Madame! March 25, 2009

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Hey, sexies!

Wow! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? You’re looking well. In fact, I think you may have grown a little bit since we last hung out.

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Oh no, you don’t look any taller; I meant horizontally. Fat-ass.

That’s not a putdown, by the way. I likes me some junk in the trunk! Know what I mean? You don’t?  Oh well, it’s not important

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Golly, I’ve missed you so! Did you miss me?

You better have….. If you know what’s good for you!

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10 Responses to “Heeeeeeere’s Madame!”

  1. jesusbudda Says:

    It’s good to have you back.

    In fact it’s good to have any part of you!

    Love the picture of the sad kid wearing the Darth Vader helmet!

  2. missfierce Says:

    Thank you! It’s always nice to hear you’ve (and by that I mean me) been missed.

    Why was one of my picture taken off my post? It went perfectly with the “junk in the trunk” bit. Guess I’ll have to describe it.

    It was of a woman photographed from the back with a huge ass and shes squating in the grass. She’s wearing a thong and it says, “Does this thong make my ass look big?”

    You gotta see it. A description just doesn’t do it justice.

  3. jesusbudda Says:

    I really wanted to see that picture now.

    You use Tinypic to upload your pictures?
    Why dont you just go to the image search in Google images and right click on a picture thumbnail you like, choose “save image location” and paste it into your posting?
    The file size will be smaller so it will load much faster.
    Image sizes will be all consistent too.

    Just sayin

    • “Pity.
      I really wanted to see that picture now.”

      — Yes it IS a pity. I wanted everyone to see it, too!

      It’s disgusting, and I like to share that kind of thing with people. Especially with you, JB 😉

      “Why dont you just go to the image search in Google images and right click on a picture thumbnail you like, choose “save image location” and paste it into your posting?”

      — Because I didn’t know I could do that. But I will do that in the future. Thank you for the tip and thank you for dropping by to visit. I do get so lonely sometimes 😦

  4. alantru Says:

    That little boy (?) Darth, looks like he’s been abandoned. I’m guessing there’s a good reason. But what I can’t figure out is what is that on the table…? A little suishi bowl and birth control pills? Please to be telling me.

    • First of all, alantru, I’d like to welcome you to The Starving Bulls**t Artist! Thank you for taking the time to check me out and for leaving a comment.

      As for the child Darth Vader, I went back to where I first saw it and I enlarged the photo.

      The contents of the cup is ketchup.

      What the thing is that’s sitting beside the ketchup is anyone’s guess. I enlarged it and it looks like an electronic gadget of some sort. Perhaps he’s already beginning to plan his future electronic body suit?

      There’s a very good reason why the child Darth Vader has been abandoned: It’s because he’s Darth-fucking-Vader!!!!

      Again, thanks for dropping in!

  5. alantru Says:

    Thanks for the welcome and for doing the Darth legwork. I suspect there’s a connection between the cup of ketchup and the gadget that will somehow help him with his future electronic body suit. And I believe that it all stems from his issues of abandonment. If we are to contain this potential threat, I suggest we buy him fries.

  6. jesusbudda Says:

    Why is the little Darth Vader wearing what appears to be Lederhousen?
    Ya know, those little German costumes?

  7. missfierce Says:

    Alan, I think you’re absolutely right about lil Darth Vader’s abandonment issues. Not that I know what the hell that means. It sounds like something my court mandated counselor would say, though and she’s seems pretty on the ball.

    If getting lil Darth some fries will help prevent the Deathstar and the havoc it causes, I’ll get the little bastard a Happy Meal.

    Anything for the people of Eternia (or whatever planet he blows up)

    JB, i’m pretty sure he’s not wearing lederhoesen. It looks like the begginings of his electronic body suit.

    Oh, my God! It’s already starting! I’d better get some McDonalds Land cookies for him before it’s too late!

  8. alantru Says:

    You are too kind. Thanks for saving the world. It means a lot to us all.

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