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Gold Digging- No Shovels Needed March 10, 2009

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Good evening:

Being under house arrest has given me ample time to catch up on my soaps and other daytime TV shows. That explains why I was watching Dr. Phil this afternoon.


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Dr. Phil is a relationship therapist who got his big break on Oprah.His show deals mostly with infidelity, kids with behavioral problems and dysfunctional families/relationships in general.

Today’s episode was a little different and is what inspired this post: Gold diggers.

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Not THAT kind of gold digger!!!

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THIS kind of gold digger!!!!

Two of the guests were gorgeous young women who would only date wealthy men. The third guest was a football player who was on the team that won The Super Bowl. I don’t remember who it was or why Dr. Phil even had him on the panel.

It’s a 30 minute show (well, 22 minutes not counting commercials) and the majority of that time was spent by Dr. Phil trying to make these women feel guilty for their gold digging ways. It didn’t work, of course.


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Dr. P made statemnets like, “Don’t you feel bad for using these men just for their money?” and “Isn’t love more important than money?” When these women would say No, Dr. P would say something along the lines of, “Well, I think your priorities are screwed up.”

Occasionally, the football player would chime in and tell Dr. P and the audience how gold diggers were constantly after him, especially now that his team won the Super Bowl.

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Now, I found this show a tad biased. It made these women out to be the big, bad bitches preying on rich, unsuspecting, naive men. But that’s only one side of the issue; only one point of view.

First off, the majority of these men knew exactly what these women were after. Wealthy men aren’t naive in the ways of the world, especially where their money is concerned.



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How do you think they became wealthy in the first place? Sure, a few inherited their wealth, but the majority worked, lied, schemed and back-stabbed to get rich.

Most rich people are assholes and they know it. They know people with less hate them. The only reason those people with less money “like” the rich is because they want to better there own fortunes. Why wouldn’t an attractive woman do the same?



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The gold diggers on Dr. Phil used men primarily for their money. But didn’t these wealthy men use them too? Not for money, but for sex and to have a beautiful woman to show off at business functions, social events etc?

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Most wealthy men see wives/girlfriends as another posession. They want to make damn sure that they have the best looking “toy” out of all their cronies. If they need to spend some money on their wife/girlfriend in order to improve their image or be envied by their peers, they’ll do it.


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My point is, the ‘using’ goes in both directions.

I’m not a gold digger and I can’t see myself ever being with someone solely for monetary gain. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things and I like them even more when I’m not the one stuck with the bill.


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But marrying for money is short-sighted, in my opinion. Especially when in ten years time they’ll likely drop their goldigging spouse and upgrade to a “newer model”.


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I personally hate having to depend on people. It shifts the balance of power in any relationship which is never good where the weaker party is concerned.

I think I’ve rambled on long enough and I hope I’ve made my point. Whatever it was 😉


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Until next time.



9 Responses to “Gold Digging- No Shovels Needed”

  1. jesusbudda Says:

    i can’t stand people degrading themselves to get something. Nothing is worth that.

    How many times have you seen an ugly little freak driving around in a sports car with a bimbo beside him?
    Everybody laughing at them and they don’t care because they are rich!
    Stupid fucks!
    Being rich is cool but standing out like a dick is not.

    And some people do the gold-digging thing all the time – even if there is now real ‘reward’ at the end.
    Like playing dumb just to get a drink. A guy will buy you a drink regardless, but they still play the dumb bimbo role anyways. Whats that about?

    Why degrade yourself unnecessarily?

    Not you, Madame!
    I was talking to the stupid girl beside you who was flirting with me!
    Go away, I will not share my cup of tea with you!

  2. missfierce Says:

    I was at a bar/club once and a guy id seen a couple of times offered to buy me a drink. I’d already had one drink and I didn’t want another- 2 is my limit.

    I told him “no thanks” but then said, “but you could give me the $4.50 you’d have spent to buy me another scotch and soda, if you’d like”

    He laughed asked me if I was a hooker (in a joking manner).

    I said no, that I’d had enough for the night. Then I asked him if he really thought I’d let him fuck me for the price of a scotch and soda?

    He blushed so deep I could see it under the dim lighting and he started appologizing and back peddling like crazy.

    I told him to save it and went to another part of the bar. I’m sure he found a$4.50 hooker. Some of those girls looked pretty desperate.

  3. eksith Says:

    “…for the price of a scotch and soda?”
    There’s a good reason why a lot of women offer to pay for a meal during a date. And this is part of the reason.

    She may end up having to pay for the meal anyway later on… Possibly in installments.

  4. jesusbudda Says:

    “Then I asked him if he really thought I’d let him fuck me for the price of a scotch and soda?”

    – It was a fair assumption!

    • “Then I asked him if he really thought I’d let him fuck me for the price of a scotch and soda?”

      – It was a fair assumption!

      Ouch, HURTFUL! Was that really necessary?

      Well, I DID compare you to the GEICO cavemen, so I suppose we’re even

  5. jesusbudda Says:

    The poor guy was only tryin’.
    Why’d he have to bump into you, of all people!
    His worst nightmare!

    Still, you struck a blow for womankind!

    • You’re right, JB. He did try.

      And he failed miserably.

      In the long run, I think I did him a favor. Do you think He’ll ever say anything that boneheaded again to a woman he wants to chat up? No.

      Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind. And it’s not like I threw my drink on him or slapped him or anything silly like that.

      I did take his wallet, though.

  6. jesusbudda Says:

    “Do you think He’ll ever say anything that boneheaded again to a woman he wants to chat up? ”

    – I think he will – but just maybe not to you!

    “I did take his wallet, though.”

    – At least YOU got something out of it.
    Poor guy had to go home penniless and have a wank.

    • To be fair, my comment about him giving me the money instead of buying me the drink likely took him aback. It’s not the average “yes” or “no” response he probably expected.

      I’m curious, what would you have said if you were in the guy’s situation?

      Besides, I don’t know what he would have bought my drink with. The only thing he had in his wallet was some ID and those frequent customer punch cards ‘ buy 9 get the 10th one free’ kinda deal.

      There were pictures of a woman and child in there too. I’m thinking he was married. Either that or he was from Arkansas

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