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About the Brand-New Layout March 5, 2009

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Good evening:

After much soul-searching, internal debate and a few calls to a variety of psychic hot-lines, I’ve decided to change the layout of my blog, The Starving Bulls**t Artist.

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The regular readers of this site (both of them) will remember the former layout was  Girl in Green. They will also remember that it was difficult to read because of the lighter green writing on an already light green background.

The monochromatic color scheme of my former layout was, in my opinion, a bit nauseating. All that green, you know? I think of sea-sickness and the vomit from the possessed girl in The Exorcist .

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Besides, I’ve always thought of green as a morose and depressing color. I don’t dislike the color, per se. It’s just a little green goes a long way in my opinion. There also weren’t any tabs, which bothered me.


As one of my regular readers, Jesus Budda, put it, “It’s more professional.” I agree, Budda. He’s a smart guy. Think idiot savant, Rainman kinda smart; only not as good at math. 


While not a “business” in the traditional way, it was my hope that this blog might generate a small source of income for me.
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 That hasn’t happened yet, but I hope the new layout will draw a few (hundred) more readers. Then perhaps the money will follow.

In short, the Girl in Green background screamed “teenager who knows every line of Twilight by heart!”

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Hopefully this new layout will scream something else. Maybe, “sophisticated young woman who has been wronged by society but still in possession of her trademark off-beat sense of humor!”  Or something to that effect.

We shall see.


8 Responses to “About the Brand-New Layout”

  1. eksith Says:

    I was thinking of green tea, but demon induced projectile vomit works just as well. It may not be the colour so much as the way it’s used.

    There are very creative combinations you can get with green. Just a matter of putting it all together.

    If you’re interested, you can give helpful advice to people who ask. A good source of income is problem solving and therapy. Very easy job as you just have to be creative with the answer.

    A bit like Dear Abby.
    Dear Starving Bulls**t Artist.

    Also, there’s a self-made clothing store called RedBubble where you can sell T-Shirts. Pretty easy way to monetize your title, but that will only work as the blog gets more popular.

    • You’re always full of good ideas.

      I don’t understand about the “creative combinations you make with green”, though.

      Are you talking about vomit?

      “A bit like Dear Abby.”

      I’d like that. Dear Abby on crack would probably describe my advice better, though!

  2. jesusbudda Says:

    He’s trying to turn you into a prostitute, Madame!
    Don’t listen to him.
    Selling t-shirts? Next it’ll be your body!!!!

    On second thoughts…..

    Nice bit of gif animation going on there. Exorcist always creeped me out bigtime.

    • “Exorcist always creeped me out bigtime.”

      You remember that movie IT? IT was witten by Stephen King and then turned into a movie.

      IT was a demon or something that took the form of a clown usually.

      IT damaged me. Seriously. I was really young when I saw it, maybe 8 or 9 so it left a huge impression on me. I didn’t get a decent night’s sleep for about a year.

      The really fucked up part is I watched the movie with my parents and grandparents. Once my mom found out I was scared, she started talking like IT. IT had a horrible, croaking voice and he always said the same thing: “We all float down here.” When ever she’d say it (in IT’s voice or even her own,) I’d cover my ears and start to scream.

      My mother is a sadist. The funny kinda sadist, but a sadist nonetheless. Unfortunatley, more than a little of that’s rubbed off on me.

      I wouldn’t go into a McDonalds because of Ronald McDonald. If we even drove past one, I’d start to shiver.

      I can still see that damn clown. It had sharp teeth and an awful, croaking voice. I hate/fear clowns to this day.

      So the Exorcist was a cake walk for me compare to IT.

      “Big hug X” Right back at ya! And I’ll raise you an ear nibble!

  3. eksith Says:

    I don’t think the world’s oldest profession needs advertising, JB.

    Besides, if selling t-shirts makes one a prostitue, what does that make someone who sell salvation? 😉

  4. missfierce Says:

    the man has a point, JB.

    I can’t think of what that name would be, though.

  5. jesusbudda Says:

    “You remember that movie IT?”

    – Yes!
    I was just thinking of it the other day.
    You are psychic!

    “I don’t think the world’s oldest profession needs advertising, JB.

    Besides, if selling t-shirts makes one a prostitue, what does that make someone who sell salvation? 😉 ”

    – Someone who sells salvation?
    Well, that makes me a lovely man, of course!

  6. eksith Says:

    “Well, that makes me a lovely man, of course!”
    Touché, cult leader.

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