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About the Problems with the PayPal Button February 11, 2009

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Hi, everyone!

You may have noticed that it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted anything. If not, you are either stupid or not a regular reader of my blog, The Starving Bullshit Artist.

I’ve been having some problems with my “Donate” PayPal button.  Before, whenever the “Donate” button was clicked, a window would pop up that was definitely not my PayPal account.

After emailing wordpress Tech support and a few helpful hints from  fellow blogger, eskith, I think I may have fixed the problem. Hopefully.

Can you do something for me? Can you click on the “Donate” button at the top of this page? You don’t have to donate anything if you don’t want to, I’d just like to be sure the link is working.

Please let me know if it’s not.



13 Responses to “About the Problems with the PayPal Button”

  1. jesusbudda Says:

    It works, woman.
    I didn’t leave you any money because I pay in hugs and kisses and tea.

    Paypal don’t accept these methods of payment. I have no idea why.
    They obviously don’t like love and tea.
    Maybe they’re haters?
    Maybe they’re just not very nice people?

    Hugs and kisses and tea,

    Jesus Budda

  2. missfierce Says:

    Hug, kisses & tea are all nice, lovely things. Especially when they’re from you.

    But hugs, kisses & tea will not buy me a Wii or the Dance Floor Revolution game & the mat that goes with it.

    That’s why PayPal doesn’t accept those things. They’re intangible- except for the tea.

    But I’d rather have that than the lame camel Farida wanted to send. Those things spit, you know.

  3. eksith Says:

    You mean “Dance Dance Revolution?”

  4. eksith Says:

    Er… um… not that I own one.

  5. jesusbudda Says:

    Eksith, you are such a girl!

    Madame, I’ll be around later fro sum hugs and kisses. Maybe more? Maybe some tea too? Who knows.

    Have you fixed your problems yet?
    I mean the Paypal ones – not those emotional ones.
    Or the ones you have in that ….other…area.

  6. missfierce Says:

    Is it Dance Dance Revolution? I’ve only played the arcade version which is called Dance floor Revolution. Good to know.

    I think the paypal thing is fixed. As for the other problems, let’s just say I’m a work in progress, ok?

    Hugs, kisses & tea, huh? Is that really all you want to give me? I’m sure you’d like to give me something else too, am I right? I know I need more than tea, hugs & kisses. Like jewelry and expensive perfume, lotions, ect.

    So get to work on that, okay

  7. eksith Says:

    I don’t own it!
    I don’t own it!!
    I don’t own it!!!

    The only reason I know the name is because I knew a girl who did.

    *Looks around the room*
    Yep, I’m mostly definitely not a girl.
    No girl would ever have a room that looked like a grenade had just gone off.

    Sooooo…. Yeeeeeeah.

  8. missfierce Says:

    it’s cool eksith, I didn’t think you were a girl- or had girlish tendancies. It’s a fun game if you’ve never atually played. You don’t have to answer that.

    I’ve heard rumors that JB likes to play naked Twister & Jenga. T

    Do you play Jenga naked as well or is it just Twister? How exactly did the whole Twister/Jenga thing start out? Eksith and I need answers!

  9. eksith Says:

    DDR? Nope. Never played. No. Not even once. Not that I recall.
    Well, while the music was on, I might have tripped and stepped on the mat… repeatedly. The girl I knew had cables to other games and such all over the place so I tripped about once or twice every weekend for about a year.

  10. missfierce Says:

    Ah, is that how it is?

    You know I had a similar experience the other day. I went to the store and while there I got into an argument with a fellow customer.

    Then the oddest thing happened. I was in my car and was leaving the parking lot when the person I’d been fighting with JUMPED in front of my car. When I went to back up, she ran behind my car so I backed up over her.

    That happened about 5 more times. Crazy huh?

    • missfierce Says:

      Yes, cars are evil. You’ll get no argument from me on that. Worse than riding lawnmowers, they are.

      You know what I miss? Big Wheels. There sould be an adult version of that. I know I’d buy one.

      Scratch that. I wouldn’t actually buy one. But I’d definately steal one.

  11. jesusbudda Says:

    Big Wheels? Like Monster trucks? Or do you mean just large wheels in general?

    I say put square wheels on cars and the world will be a much safer place.
    Except on hills.
    Hills are always dangerous.
    Put a square wheeled car on a hill top and despite what you may think, it will inevitably start sliding. And then it will just go down like an avalanche.

    Would cars be safer if the seats faced the opposite direction and the drivers drove backwards?
    I just don’t know the answer to that question, I really don’t.
    It’s something to ponder.

    It sure is. A ponderer. A real ponderer.

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